15 Reasons to Rent or Buy Construction Storage Containers (And Breathe Easier)

reasons you need a construction storage container on your jobsite

You strain as you push the doors shut. They’re heavy. But that’s good. Since you’ve moved your materials and equipment to this location, you haven’t lost a single piece to thieves.

Hauling materials and equipment every morning and evening is getting to you, though. It seems a high price to pay for security. But what else can you do?

Your coworkers in construction are telling you good things about using construction storage containers.

But you’re not convinced just yet.

Leaving high value equipment and materials at a job site is taking a risk. High risk. Because even if the chances of your property getting stolen or damaged were low, the effects would still be huge.

You’ve experienced it yourself, and you don’t want to again.

That’s perfectly understandable, but your coworkers do have a point. So, get a cup of coffee, sit back, and read on. You’ll learn all about what containers for construction sites can do for you, including all the reasons that you want to buy or rent one and how they affect your bottom line.


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Reason 1: One size fits all

Commercial storage containers are extremely versatile and flexible despite the limited number of sizes that they come in.

You can use shipping containers (which is what they are), to store almost everything imaginable. Jobsite materials, building supplies, construction tools, equipment and machinery. You name it, you can store it.

The only restriction is that it has to fit inside and through the doors. But that’s no different from any other storage facility. And though the number of container sizes is limited, you can find small ones, large ones, extra high ones, and ones with more doors than just the pair on the end.


Reason 2: Made for rest and work

The versatility and flexibility of containers extends their use far beyond putting your tools and equipment to rest at night. You can also use these construction storage boxes perfectly well for working.

Of course, you’ll then want specialty containers, built with windows and doors for humans, fit to be used as offices. With these office shipping containers you have an instant on-site office; no more scribbling notes using the back of a colleague.

Construction Storage and Shipping Container Offices


Reason 3: Construction storage solutions not just for construction sites

Storage containers are not limited to construction sites. They can be used anywhere by anyone who needs to store something. Permanently or temporarily. They’re even used as hunting cabins and by doomsday preppers.

Store Anything in a Shipping Container


Reason 4: Containers are the world’s greatest backpackers

Shipping containers were originally used as standardized boxes to make loading and unloading of ships easier and more efficient. Storage containers often sit in one place, but they are portable. Although mobile is probably a better word, as you wouldn’t want to try carrying one.


Reason 5: The sky’s the limit

Because of their nautical heritage, storage containers are meant to be stackable. Faced with limited footage on the ground, going up is always an option with containers.

Stackable Shipping Containers


Reason 6: Custom fit and fitted

You can add and remove storage containers to meet your needs. And you can fit them with shelves, storage cabinets, tool racks, and everything else you can think of to keep them (and yourself) organized.


Reason 7: The more the merrier

Construction storage containers allow you to keep a lot around. And that allows you to purchase materials in bulk, so you can enjoy the advantages: wholesale prices and deeper discounts, cutting down delivery and freight costs, and consistency of materials.


Reason 8: Everyone likes derailing the bad guys

Up until 2015, equipment theft was the biggest risk construction companies faced. It still is a huge issue, coming in at 400 million annual cost in most reports. Putting your materials, tools, and equipment inside a lockable, steel container allows you to have them on-site and give the bad guys a headache


Reason 9: Singing and dancing in the rain

Rain, frost, hail, storm, they can do a lot of damage. Storing your materials and equipment on-site, inside a storage container protects them from that.

Protect yourself and your materials from the weather


Reason 10: You want to have the last laugh

Have the last laugh when you won’t have to replace anything and work doesn’t get delayed waiting for the replacements of things that didn’t get stolen or damaged.


Reason 11: Everybody loves a short commute

Using construction storage containers to store your equipment and materials safely on-site, will save you having to get them in the morning and return them at night. That means more time available for work and lower fuel costs.


Reason 12: Have a crush on not being crushed

Not hauling heavy equipment to and from a job site every day, means a lot less lifting of heavy equipment on and off trucks. That means less risk of injury to your people and of all the consequences injuries bring.

Shipping containers on site prevent too much lifting and injury to workers


Reason 13: Save your memory for sweet memories

Having everything you need on site, means you no longer face the risk of forgetting to bring something you need. That’ll save you the time and fuel of going back to get them.


Reason 14: Rest and relaxation on your terms

On-site storage containers mean that you can ensure having enough of everything for the next day’s work and everyone can keep working. So you can take breaks on your terms instead of when you’re forced to wait for deliveries. That’ll save you the cost of work delays as well as penalties for missed deadlines.


Reason 15: Commit to not committing

Portable storage containers for rent free you from having to make the investment up front to buy your own. That allows you to rent only what you need when you need it and avoid the risk of having them sit idle.

Rent shipping containers and avoid the risk of buying one


Get yourself some peace of mind and breathe easier

There you have it. 15 reasons you want to get your own construction storage containers and maybe even office shipping containers.

And you know that you don’t have to make any big decisions, right now. You can start small, on one construction job for example. See how it goes. And then maybe expand and see how that goes before you make any decisions about scaling down or even getting rid of the warehouse and office altogether.                   

The only disadvantage? You’ll have to get your workout some other way than pushing those heavy doors of your warehouse.


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