Does Your Storage or Shipping Container Need a Foundation?

Shipping containers are sturdy enough to last for a long time. But like a lot of structures, some shipping containers need some extra support to prevent damage.

Does your storage or shipping container need a foundation? The answer will depend on your unique circumstances. In this post, we explore shipping container foundations and when they are and are not necessary. 

Keep reading for the inside scoop on when a shipping container needs a foundation. 

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When a Shipping Container Foundation Is Necessary

If you are already aware that your shipping container requires a foundation, you should also know there are major risks to skipping it. Not installing a foundation for a shipping container could lead to long-term damage. We’re talking issues with the container and your stored items, as well as a shorter life span for the container itself.

To prevent those kinds of problems, check out the following situations in which a shipping container foundation is a no-brainer.


Container Foundations in Wet Areas

If you are planning to place your storage container on ground that remains damp all the time or sees a lot of water flow during storms, you may want to consider preparing a foundation. A foundation can prevent water seepage and rust damage that happen when you keep the container somewhere wet.


Uneven Ground? Shipping Container Foundation Required

If your chosen container site is on sloping or uneven ground, consider a foundation. The pressure on the underside of the container increases exponentially if the unit is on uneven ground. This can lead to floor damage.


Multi-Container Structures Need Foundations

If you are stacking two or more containers or housing a multi-container structure or shipping container office, a foundation is most likely necessary. While solid, packed ground can typically accommodate a single container for a short period, multiple containers may be too heavy, causing them to sink into the ground over time. 


Shipping Container Foundations for Long-Term Storage

Whether you buy or rent a shipping container, you may move it from site to site. While purchased shipping containers may stay put for years, even those may see some transport.

If you plan to use your container for long-term storage, a shipping container foundation could prevent drifting and sinking.


When Shipping Container Foundation Requirements May Not Apply

Pouring a concrete foundation, placing railroad ties or driving concrete piles can be a huge time and money investment, so you want to make sure you actually need a shipping container foundation for your intended use. Here are some situations where you may not need a container foundation.


Short-Term Use? Container Foundation May Be Unnecessary

Only need the container for a few months? Plan to move it from place to place fairly often? The shipping container foundation requirement is much more flexible in these situations. 

Shorter time frames prevent some of the issues that happen when you have a container with no foundation in the same spot for years.


Dry, Level Ground Can Replace a Foundation

Ground that is dry, packed tightly and level may provide similar benefits to those of a container foundation. Even if the area you have picked out is dry at the moment, be sure to check it within a day or two of a heavy rain. Make sure the soil is draining moisture quickly and staying relatively solid.


No Shipping Container Foundation for Single Units and Light Loads

If you have a great site picked for your container and you are using a light load or moderately packed single unit, a foundation may not be necessary. While all containers without foundations sink and drift a little over time, the lighter the unit is, the better chance you have of skipping the container foundation requirement.


Beyond Shipping Container Foundations: Container Site Preparation Requirements

Selecting the right spot and deciding whether you need a foundation are the first steps to shipping container site preparation

Here are a few more steps to consider before your new container arrives:

  • Check the area surrounding the container site for debris or obstructions, including large rocks, power lines and other buildings. Ensure that your container can be delivered easily.
  • Make sure the container delivery driver will have enough clearance to maneuver the truck to the site and offload the container. 
  • If possible, choose a spot that allows enough space to add more containers if your storage needs increase over time.

Check out ModuGo’s shipping container delivery guide for more information.


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