Shipping Container Interior Designs You Won’t Believe!

Shipping container homes and commercial structures such as restaurants and coffee shops are becoming popular all across the world. And while many newcomers to the shipping container construction movement believe that their almost modular frames are too confining for architects and designers, we’re here to show you some examples of just how unique and creative a shipping container interior can be.

Bottom line, you can do anything with a shipping container. Let’s take a look at some of the top interior designs you won’t believe until you see!

The Shipping Container Coffee House

If you want an example of a relaxing and rustic atmosphere, check out this open-air container coffee shop. It’s a small space, with only enough room on the inside for the barista and POS, but the interior is expertly crafted to allow doors to be drawn on any side. It’s both cozy and airy at the same time.

Inspirational Shipping Container Coffee Shop Shipping Container Design Boom

Source: DesignBoom

Photographer: lllooimage

Seriously, A Cargo Container Medical ICU

COVID-19 has rocked the economy from top to bottom. But shipping containers are, once again, showing their versatility. These units’ interiors have been redesigned to become portable ICUs for treating coronavirus patients. Their portability means they can go anywhere that’s necessary for the doctors on the front lines.

Shipping Container Intensive Care Unit ICU Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Made of Shipping Containers. Interior Design.

Source: DesignBoom

Photographer: Max Tomasinelli

Shipping Container Hotel: Lodging With A View

Some entrepreneurs are using shipping containers to jumpstart new businesses. This particular shipping container design is used for a variety of hotel rooms on the former California Vineyard. The spacious interiors and high ceilings almost make you forget that the structures used to be used for shipping goods!

Shipping Container Hotel Bedroom Interior Winery Turned Shipping Container Lodging and Hotel Vineyard Hotel Stay with Shipping Container Infrastructure

Source: DesignBoom

Photographer: Paul Vu

Big Windows For A Spacious Feel

Many of the best shipping container homes make use of the containers’ ability to be modified with a ton of windows. This home lets in tons of natural light and doesn’t take up tons of space in the neighborhood. Nonetheless, it’s both stylish and comfortable and allows one or two people to live a relaxed, carbon-low lifestyle.

Open Window and Rustic Interior Design Make Shipping Container Home Feel Big Wood accents and sliding door for cozy feel

Source: Curbed and Alternative Living Spaces

Shipping Container Home: Wood Siding and Beautiful Greenery

This shipping container home features a notable exterior and interior. The interior makes use of wood-colored walls and wide windows that showcase the stunning terraces and staircases that connect between different structures. It’s a perfect getaway spot for a vacation or a summer home.

Beautiful Green Home built from repurposed shipping containers Giant glass windows take up entire walls shipping container buildings bedroom design awesome shipping container home and rental

Source: Curbed and DesignBoom 

Photographer: river and rain

The Guest House

Sometimes shipping containers are best used as guesthouses instead of primary abodes. In this case, the wide windows attached to this shipping container illuminate a spacious living area and a long hallway that leads into a small kitchenette and sleeping area. With plenty of sunshine and lots of green surroundings, it offers a natural-focused aesthetic that few other homes can emulate.

Living Room in A Guest House Made of Shipping Containers

Source: homedit
Architect: poteet architects

Multi-Story Shipping Container Dream Home

Most shipping container homes are assumed to be small and cramped. This collection of several shipping containers proves that assumption wrong. Built by welding multiple containers on top of one another, this multi-story structure is a wide-open home with several levels, balconies, different rooms, and even certain windows that can be opened to allow in a fresh breeze. An attached patio completes the structure.

multi-story volumetric shipping container construction Exterior made of recycle shipping containers Shipping container house with multiple floors

Source: homedit

Architect: Adam Kalkin

Colorful, Open, Yet Simple Container Home Design

Sometimes simplicity is the way to go. This complex of multiple shipping containers is used to demonstrate art and gives students a place to let their imagination run wild. By combining multiple shipping containers into a single complex, semi-open hallways and various rooms run into each other, affording an ironically flowing aesthetic despite all the walls.

Colorful Shipping Containers for Wall and Rooms Inside of large warehouse Bright container walls Cargo Container Rooms

Source: homedit

Shipping Container Home With A Spiral Staircase

Here we have another multi-story shipping container structure. This home is designed to offer all the functionality, open-space, and creature comforts of a modern home, but it’s made from several shipping containers welded together. Of particular note is the spiral staircase in the corner, which allows easy ascending to the second level.

Stack containers with spiral staircase connection two-story container living room container dining room interior

Source: HomeDSGN

Architect: Patrick Partouche

Sliding Doors in Your Container Home For Luxury Entryways

This shipping container home takes advantage of the natural flexibility of shipping containers and uses a sliding glass door to allow occupants to enjoy the patio just outside or let a nice breeze into the main home’s space. Smartly chosen decorations (many of which are made from secondhand materials) emphasize the authentic and unique aesthetic of the place – there’s nowhere else quite like it.

Open concept interior design with slide doors to the porch area

Source: Archello

Architect: Infiniski + James & Mau

Industrial Container House For The Minimalist

Some folks like the minimalist style, like the occupants of this complex shipping container home. Check out this kitchen, which has all the bells and whistles you would expect, but a rather ruthless and industrial style that harkens back to the origins of the shipping containers themselves. A snugly installed stove and oven round out the space, and wide windows allow plenty of visibility to the surrounding mountains and Mojave Desert, plus the plants just outside.

Modern Minimalism Interior for Kitchen Space

TV and Book Shelving fit Perflect at the end of the Shipping Container Big Windows and high ceilings within container constructed building provide natural lighting

Source: Inhabitat

Photographer: Jack Parsons

Architect: EcoTech

Great Design For A Single Shipping Container Wide Kitchen

This kitchen is made out of a single shipping container but, through smart interior design, still fits all of the modern amenities you could want in a family’s cooking space. The drawers are rather plain, but open up much farther than you would expect to provide tons of storage space and enough room to keep ingredients and tools to make a meal worthy of anyone.

Bright single container kitchen space vibrant blue container home interior 50s style shipping container inside decor

Source: homedit

Start Using Shipping Containers in Your Construction For The Ultimate Curb Appeal

All of these shipping container interior designs showcase the creativity and originality of occupants and business owners. More than that, they prove that shipping containers can be used for any structure you can imagine – there’s no limit to the versatility and functionality of these flexible storage solutions!

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