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Ann Arbor, MI is more than just a quintessential college town. The home of the University of Michigan, this city has a rich legacy of innovation across industries like automotive, tech, and healthcare. Known for birthing companies like Google's subsidiary Waymo and medical device maker Terumo Cardiovascular, Ann Arbor is a hub for entrepreneurship and forward-thinking research. Whether you need extra space for your outdoor gear after canoeing on the Huron River or you're seeking an affordable new headquarters for your tech startup, Rent-A-Container has versatile shipping container solutions.

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Special Promotions in Ann Arbor

Interested in buying or renting a shipping container in Ann Arbor at the lowest price? Rent-A-Container is for you! As a leading shipping container retailer, we provide a wide range of container promotions across the state of Michigan. Plus, save on shipping by renting or buying containers close to your location.

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How Ann Arbor Uses Rent-A-Container Containers

With our full line of temporary steel shipping containers available for Michiganians to buy and lease, the possibilities are endless. Our versatile options, industry low prices, and superior customer experience make us the best choice for storing and shipping containers. 

Use them for storage, turn them into a coffee shop, office space, or unique backyard project. Whether it’s one container or 1,000, businesses from education to construction choose Rent-A-Container. Take a look at just a few of the industries in Ann Arbor that can take advantage of affordable shipping and storage containers.


A picture of an outdoor lake near Ann Arbor

Running low on storage for all your Michigan outdoor toys? Rent-A-Container makes it easy to stow away that bulky camping equipment until your next trek along the scenic Potawatomi Trail. Their containers provide secure space for belongings that don't quite fit at home.


A bar inside of a small craft brewery

Ann Arbor embraces sustainable small businesses like ForkinTheFood - an eco-friendly food truck operating out of a renovated shipping container modified to fit a food truck trailer. Using repurposed steel boxes avoids construction waste while creating a unique dining experience. ForkinTheFood's creative menu highlights locally-sourced ingredients like their acclaimed Cherrywood Smoked Bacon pizza. It’s no small wonder why this food truck has so quickly become a late night Ann Arbor institution.

 Will you open the next super sustainable shipping container restaurant in Tree Town?

Freight Shipping

A rail line with downtown Ann Arbor in the background

This innovative city is no stranger to freight either - major transit corridors like I-94 and rail lines facilitate shipping/distribution for businesses across industries. Freight and shipping is an incredible economic boon for Ann Arbor, and with this industry comes a great demand for containers like those offered by Rent-a-container for shipping and storing. What will your company store or transport utilizing Ann Arbor's prime Michigan location?

Office Space

An office building in Ann Arbor

With a booming population and remote workforce, Ann Arbor needs flexible office spaces. Rent-A-Container's customized shipping containers are perfect affordable solutions - add windows overlooking Kerrytown, custom insulation, or exterior branding. Take advantage of the city's entrepreneurial spirit with a modern mobile workspace.

People who’ve used Rent-A-Container can barely contain themselves!

Construction and Job Sites

A wall full of hardhats on a construction site

This vibrant college town, home to the prestigious University of Michigan, is experiencing a construction renaissance driven by its thriving tech and healthcare sectors. From cutting-edge research facilities to mixed-use developments catering to the city's growing population, new projects are reshaping Ann Arbor's landscape. 

Ann Arbor builders rely on Rent-A-Container's durable shipping containers to securely store materials and equipment on active job sites, ensuring productivity remains high while braving Michigan's harsh winters. The containers' mobility allows easy relocation as developments spread across Ann Arbor's dynamic districts, fueling the city's economic growth while celebrating its rich academic heritage.

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New or used, buy or rent, we have containers available to fit your needs. Rent-A-Container offers the widest selection of standard, specialty, high cube, and office containers in Ann Arbor. Combined with our flexible delivery options, it’s the reason we’re a leading steel shipping retailer in Michigan.

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Maximum Choices

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Expert Guidance

Our customers trust our experts and support staff to deliver high quality, affordable containers when and where they need them.

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Keep in mind that some container types are not always available at every depot in our network. To check on the availability of containers in Ann Arbor, don’t hesitate to contact us – we’re available via call center, email, and live chat!


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At Rent-A-Container, we pride ourselves on being synonymous with quality products and friendly customer service. We have the widest selection of steel containers for sale or lease in Ann Arbor and other cities in Michigan. All you have to do is browse our offers, select container type/size/condition, and add it to the cart. Online transactions are handled fast, transparently, and securely. There are no hidden costs to worry about.

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