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Atlanta is more than peaches and Olympic Park. The capital and most populous city in Georgia is also home to beautiful street art, unique museums, and stunning parks. With strong job growth projected to continue in the region, Atlanta is a popular city for young professionals, families, filmmakers, and more. Atlanta is also an important center for the logistics, financial technology, aerospace, and film industries – not to mention its (perhaps) most famous product, Coca Cola. Whether you’d like to add a shipping container to your home in The Big Peach to cool off during those hot Georgia summers or you’ve decided to make the seat of Fulton County your new home, Rent-A-Container sells and rents a variety of affordable shipping containers for whatever you might be moving or storing.

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Interested in buying or renting a shipping container in Atlanta at the lowest price? Rent-A-Container is for you! As a leading shipping container retailer, we provide a wide range of container promotions across the state of Georgia. Plus, save on shipping by renting or buying containers close to your location.

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How Atlanta Uses Rent-A-Container Containers

With our full line of temporary steel shipping containers available for Atlantians to buy or lease, the possibilities are endless. Our versatile options, industry low prices, and superior customer experience make us the best choice for storing and shipping containers. 

Use them for storage, turn them into a coffee shop, office space, or unique backyard project. Whether it’s one container or 1,000, businesses from education to construction choose Rent-A-Container. Take a look at just a few of the industries in Atlanta that can take advantage of affordable shipping and storage containers.



Struggling to find space for all your stuff in the big city? Not to worry! With Rent-A-Container’s convenient storage solutions, you can live in Atlanta and store all of the things you just can’t find room for in your house or apartment. Whether you need some extra space for your hiking gear or want to keep your Falcons gear safely set aside until next season, Rent-A-Container makes it easy to pack away your bulky belongings and get them when you need them.

But it’s not just residential storage – Rent-A-Container also has large containers for construction storage. Whether it’s a small construction project or a huge renovation, whether you need to store furniture or equipment or raw material, our storage containers get the job done.


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Shipping container restaurants aren’t commonplace everywhere in the country, but Atlanta is no stranger to this simple, sustainable solution for standing up a restaurant quickly without sacrificing quality. From the restaurants in Chamblee’s sprawling Block and Drum entertainment district to falafel and shawarma restaurant Sabaraba to popup restaurants along Atlanta’s BeltLine, there are plenty of examples of The ATL’s entrepreneurs using shipping containers to their advantage.

Using a storage container like the ones we sell at Rent-A-Container is the perfect low cost, sustainable way to start out your culinary endeavor. Because they are reusable and cut down on the waste of constructing a new building, shipping containers are a great choice for local spots like these that put the environment at the forefront. 

Freight Shipping


Tucked into the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Atlanta might not seem like a natural spot for an important shipping center. However, the city’s roots go back to its time as the terminus of the Western and Atlantic Railroad, and its ties to shipping remain strong.

Manufacturing major products like Coca Cola and GE Power Electronics, businesses in Atlanta need to be prepared to ship their goods across the country and around the world. What will you ship or store in Atlanta?

Housing the Homeless

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Atlanta is a big city – its population is projected to reach almost 8 million people by 2050. Like big other cities, Atlanta must grapple with finding solutions for housing crises – like how to shelter the city’s homeless population.

But Atlanta's mayor has a plan – using shipping containers to quickly and sustainably set up shelters, the city will be able to help one of its most vulnerable populations find a safe place to sleep each night. 

Perfect for the basis from tiny homes to larger scale shelters like this one, shipping containers are a versatile option for your building needs. With Rent-A-Container’s custom container options, you can customize the container to fit your precise needs – like windows and doors to make the container cozy and secure.

People who’ve used Rent-A-Container can barely contain themselves!

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New or used, buy or rent, we have containers available to fit your needs. Rent-A-Container offers the widest selection of standard, specialty, high cube, and office containers in Atlanta. Combined with our flexible delivery options, it’s the reason we’re a leading steel shipping retailer in Georgia.

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Expert Guidance

Our customers trust our experts and support staff to deliver high quality, affordable containers when and where they need them.

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At Rent-A-Container, we pride ourselves on being synonymous with quality products and friendly customer service. We have the widest selection of steel containers for sale or lease in Atlanta and other cities in Georgia. All you have to do is browse our offers, select container type/size/condition, and add it to the cart. Online transactions are handled fast, transparently, and securely. There are no hidden costs to worry about.

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