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Baltimore is a major city in Maryland with historic significance and a seaport that has long been important to its success. Rich with culture and heritage, Baltimore now thrives as a beautiful ultra-modern city with an abundant culinary scene and fascinating attractions like the Baltimore Museum of Art and the National Aquarium. Located less than an hour’s drive northeast of Washington D.C., Baltimore is home to a huge media market with print, broadcast, and online media businesses. Baltimore is also known for its delicious seafood offerings and the Chesapeake Bay, which is a popular spot for fishing and crabbing. Whether it’s storage you need for your seasonal hobbies or space for extra business wares, shipping containers make for secure and efficient storage. Rent-A-Container sells and rents a variety of affordable shipping containers for anything you need to move or store.

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Interested in buying or renting a shipping container in Baltimore at the lowest price? Rent-A-Container is for you! As a leading shipping container retailer, we provide a wide range of container promotions across the state of Maryland. Plus, save on shipping by renting or buying containers close to your location.

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How Baltimore Uses Rent-A-Container Containers

With our full line of temporary steel shipping containers available for Baltimore residents to buy or lease, the possibilities are endless. Our versatile options, industry low prices, and superior customer experience make us the best choice for storing and shipping containers.

Use them for storage, turn them into a coffee shop, office space, or unique backyard project. Whether it’s one container or 1,000, businesses from education to construction choose Rent-A-Container. Take a look at just a few of the industries in Baltimore that can take advantage of affordable shipping and storage containers.



With all the great local shops and historic charm that Baltimore has to offer, it can be difficult to find a space for just yourself. You don’t have to struggle in your search for more storage any longer with Rent-A-Container’s convenient solutions. Live in the city, store your personal property or products for your business, and start enjoying your life to the fullest. Whatever you need stored at any time of year, you can depend on Rent-A-Container to provide shipping containers that make your life a little bit easier.



Baltimore is filled with plenty of great dining establishments worth giving a try. Since the city is right on the harbor, Baltimore’s food scene is bursting with must-try seafood cuisine, along with iconic crab dishes like crab cakes, steamed crabs, and crab dip. Anyone interested in entering the restaurant industry in Baltimore will be pleased to know that they can absolutely use shipping containers to store product or create a workspace for their business needs. 

The shipping containers available at Rent-A-Container are low cost and an affordable business expense that will help out in the long run. Additionally, Rent-A-Container shipping containers offer a sustainable way to enter the restaurant scene due to the fact that they are reusable, which cuts down on the waste that comes alongside construction sites and materials for new buildings. 

Once a coveted shipping container venue on the shore, the Sandlot offered comfort fare with the fun of live events. Though their doors are now closed, the opportunity for a new shipping container dining establishment situated in Baltimore is as ripe as ever. Do you think you have the ambition to start your culinary journey in Charm City?

Inner Harbor

Inner Harbor

Baltimore lies about thirty miles from Washington D.C. at the western arm of the Chesapeake Bay along the East Coast of the United States. Its port has a long history that traces back to colonial days, when farm goods were shipped overseas. As it now stands, the Inner Harbor is a significant sightseeing hub in the city of Baltimore, filled with music venues, an aquarium, the Maryland Science Center, and eateries. Though Baltimore’s port may not be as vital to the nation as it once was, it is still a center of activity with abundant signs of life. Shipping containers in Baltimore simply point to a thriving economy and market.

When it comes to sustaining a good economy, you need the proper means of transporting all kinds of products, from major machinery and automotive parts to food and beverage products. What do you think you will end up shipping or storing in Baltimore?

Office Space

Office Space

Though an ancient city by American standards, Baltimore is a major hub of activity with a desirable seaport that tempts many businesses. New local businesses are constantly popping up all over Baltimore, and there is plenty of property up for rent or development that can be utilized by your workers for optimal productivity. Even if you are simply on the hunt for your own space away from the house, shipping containers make for an excellent way to obtain extra space with minimal hassle.

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Build a shipping container that works for your personal or business needs with Rent-A-Container’s custom container options. Customize your work or office space with eye-catching colors and views of the harbor that will keep you motivated throughout the day.

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New or used, buy or rent, we have containers available to fit your needs. Rent-A-Container offers the widest selection of standard, specialty, high cube, and office containers in Baltimore. Combined with our flexible delivery options, it’s the reason we’re a leading steel shipping retailer in Maryland.

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