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Louisville, the largest city in Kentucky and one of the largest cities in the United States by land mass, is full of opportunity and life. The city is extremely important to the shipping and cargo industry, but its sports and arts scenes are also lively-- Louisville is home to the famous Kentucky Derby Festival as well as the Kentucky Shakespeare Festival and the St. James Art Court Festival, so there’s plenty to do here at any time of the year. Louisville is also a popular place for entrepreneurs to launch their new business ideas. Bardstown Road, for example, is full of local shops and restaurants.

Whether you want to add a shipping container pool, shed, or office to your home in Louisville or you’re trying to move there altogether, Rent-A-Container sells and rents a wide variety of shipping containers. You’re sure to find one that fits your needs!

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Interested in buying or renting a shipping container in Louisville at the lowest price? Rent-A-Container is for you! As a leading shipping container retailer, we provide a wide range of container promotions across the state of Kentucky. Plus, save on shipping by renting or buying containers close to your location.

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How Louisville Uses Rent-A-Container Containers

With our full line of temporary steel shipping containers available for Miamians to buy or lease, the possibilities are endless. Our versatile options, industry low prices, and superior customer experience make us the best choice for storing and shipping containers.

Use them for storage, turn them into a coffee shop, office space, or unique backyard project. Whether it’s one container or 1,000, businesses from education to construction choose Rent-A-Container. Take a look at just a few of the industries in Louisville that can take advantage of affordable shipping and storage containers.



Shipping containers are affordable and convenient storage solutions for many. Image courtesy of Unsplash.

Are you struggling to find enough space for all your stuff in the big city? Not to worry! With Rent-A-Container’s convenient storage solutions, you can live in Louisville and store all of your outdoor toys with ease. Whether you need somewhere to keep your lawn mower, large tools, or just the kids’ bikes, a shipping container from Rent-A-Container makes it easy to pack away your bulky belongings until you need them.



In several cities around the United States, shipping container housing developments are becoming more common. Image courtesy of LEO Weekly.

As the demand for apartments and housing increases and the tiny home movement remains popular, several cities have seen shipping container housing developments and apartment complexes crop up. Louisville is no exception and hasn’t been for several years-- in 2016, a shipping container housing development was planned for Germantown, consisting of between eight and nine rental homes in an effort to contribute to the minimalist movement and draw young professionals to the area. More recently, a container apartment complex was completed on East Jefferson Street.

Shipping container homes appeal to several different groups of people-- single people, young professionals, and those interested in minimalism or in living an eco-friendly life, for example. With the right permits, research, and modifications, a shipping container or two could serve as a great home for you, too!



The Port of Louisville is extremely important in the shipping industry along the Ohio River. Image courtesy of Unsplash.

Thanks to its location along the Ohio River and the border between Kentucky and Indiana, Louisville is an extremely important city in the shipping industry. The city’s river port is equipped to transport a variety of types of cargo, and there are also various rail lines in the area. If you need to ship something over the river, by rail, or by road, Louisville has got you covered.

And, if you’re looking for an effective way to package everything you need shipped, consider renting or buying a shipping container! With various sizes, conditions, and modifications available, chances are high that with Rent-A-Container, you’ll find something that suits your needs. With our help, you’ll have your supplies getting where it needs to go in no time.

Office Space

Office Space

Shipping containers are often convenient offices in the modern workforce. Image courtesy of Inhabitat.

With a population of a quarter million and a lively local culture, Louisville needs plenty of space for workers to set up shop. Whether your business needs a low-cost location for workers to come into the office, you need to establish an office on a construction or warehouse site, or you simply need your own office space dedicated to work-- away from the kids and other distractions-- to get the remote job done, shipping containers make a great solution for extra space.

With Rent-A-Container’s custom container options, you can customize your future workspace exactly to your liking-- from electric and plumbing to heating and air conditioning to windows.

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