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As the second largest city in Florida and one of the richest cities in the world, Miami always seems to be on the rise. Besides having the largest urban economy in Florida and serving as a major center for the banking and healthcare industries, Miami also has a thriving culture and arts scene. Whether you’re in love with the vibrant Latin American culture that dominates Miami or you’re looking for a place full of opportunities, Miami is an excellent place to be.

Whether you’d like to add a shipping container swimming pool to your home near Miami or you’re ready to make the city your new home, Rent-A-Container sells and rents a variety of affordable shipping containers for whatever you might be moving or storing. Here, you’re sure to find a container to suit your needs!

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Special Promotions in Miami

Interested in buying or renting a shipping container in Miami at the lowest price? Rent-A-Container is for you! As a leading shipping container retailer, we provide a wide range of container promotions across the state of Florida. Plus, save on shipping by renting or buying containers close to your location.

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How Miami Uses Rent-A-Container Containers

With our full line of temporary steel shipping containers available for Miamians to buy or lease, the possibilities are endless. Our versatile options, industry low prices, and superior customer experience make us the best choice for storing and shipping containers.

Use them for storage, turn them into a coffee shop, office space, or unique backyard project. Whether it’s one container or 1,000, businesses from education to construction choose Rent-A-Container. Take a look at just a few of the industries in Miami that can take advantage of affordable shipping and storage containers.



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Are you struggling to find space for all your stuff in the big city? Not to worry! With Rent-A-Container’s convenient storage solutions, you can live in Miami and store all of your outdoor toys with ease. Whether you need some extra space for the kids’ bikes or can’t fit your kayak into your apartment, Rent-A-Container makes it easy to pack away your bulky belongings until next season.



Miami is slowly breaking into the trend of shipping container restaurants. Image courtesy of Facebook.

Miami and its surrounding areas are no strangers to innovative culinary institutions-- and this includes shipping container restaurants. For example, Charcoal Garden Bar + Grill was a shipping container based restaurant that focused on bringing local food to the table, a great way to support local farmers while providing a unique dining experience. More recently, just a short distance away in Hallandale Beach, KAO Bar and Grill opened its doors. This is a two story shipping container restaurant featuring Argentinian-inspired food options.

Using a shipping container like the ones we sell at Rent-A-Container is the perfect low cost, sustainable way to start out your own culinary endeavor. Since shipping containers are reusable and cut down on the waste of constructing a new building, many business owners find it worthwhile to use them as a base of operations. Will you set up the next local shipping container eatery in Miami?

Freight Shipping

freight shipping

Miami is a major center for cargo shipping. Image courtesy of PortMiami.

Thanks partially to its location right on the ocean and partially to its excellent roadways and airport, Miami plays a huge role in international shipping. If you need to ship something by water, air, or land, Miami has you covered-- its port and roadways are extremely efficient in getting cargo from place to place in a timely fashion.

A huge part of that transportation process is shipping containers. With road, air, and water travel-worthy shipping containers like the ones available through Rent-A-Container, you’ll find a secure way to ship whatever you need to or from Miami.



Shipping container homes have started making an appearance in Miami. Image courtesy of The Big Bubble MIAMI.

Although shipping containers’ usefulness for storage and shipping purposes are pretty clear, they have recently started to see more use for other purposes-- from restaurants like the ones already mentioned above to bars to offices. You’ll even see shipping containers used as homes as part of the tiny home movement, like this one in Miami.

If you’re trying to downsize or live a more eco-friendly lifestyle, shipping container houses might be an appealing idea for you. Containers can be joined together and modified to create unique and dynamic living spaces that fit all of your needs just as well as a traditional house.

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