9 Advantages of Renting a Shipping Container Office

When you know you need office space for your business, you likely picture a gray and characterless four-story building with fluorescent lights, bluish carpet and that familiar dusty smell. 

Or maybe you shudder at the thought of the price tag for something more extravagant — a glass and steel downtown high-rise with a coffee shop and a gym. 

But there is another solution to your office space needs: renting a shipping container office.

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benefits of renting a shipping container office


Shipping Container Offices

Whether installed as commercial shipping container buildings or using sea cans for backyard offices, this trend is taking hold.

Shipping container office benefits are numerous. These convenient and cost-effective office spaces can go toe-to-toe with the most affordable and the flashiest traditional offices.

In this post, we examine 10 shipping container office advantages you simply won’t get with a traditional office space. 


Advantage #1) A Shipping Container Office Benefits Your Bottom Line

Among shipping container office benefits, this one may carry the most weight for business owners. It’s a fact: Renting a shipping container office is affordable. It’s likely a better deal than any traditional office lease you will find.

Why? Because you can rent exactly the amount of space you need, put it where you want it and return it when you’re done. 

The monthly cost of renting a shipping container is in the hundreds — not thousands. And while the shortest commercial lease you’re likely to find is around three years, you can rent shipping container offices for as little as three months. 

That means you aren’t locked in to an expensive monthly bill should your needs change. 


Advantage #2) Shipping Container Office Spaces Are Green

You can find used shipping containers that have been converted into offices or are available for rent. These may have had a past life on overseas freight ships. 

Instead of being thrown on top of the trash heap when they’re replaced, they’re cleaned and polished and put up for rent. 

That saves space wherever they are left to waste away, prevents another shipping container from being manufactured and gives your business points for environmental friendliness. Bottom line? Upcycled shipping containers make for an eco-friendly office.


Advantage #3) Shipping Container with Multiple Offices? Can Do

Shipping containers are designed to hold a lot of cargo. When they are converted into offices, the same principle applies. Your shipping container office can fit a lot inside of it — even multiple offices. 

For example, a 40-foot shipping container yields around 320 square feet. That’s just one. 

And you can join multiple shipping containers together and insert walls inside of them to create a multi-office complex.


Advantage #4) Bring Your Shipping Container Office with You

Some jobs can be done from the same location at all times, but others require a bit more mobility — or at least they would benefit from it. 

Want a little more oversight at the job site? 

Need to move a few employees to a different campus for a time? 

One of the biggest shipping container office advantages for business people that need solutions fast is their mobility. 

You can have everything you need at your office, job site or wherever you need. And when you’re done, you can pack up and move on to the next spot.


how to rent a shipping container office

Advantage #5) Shipping Container Office Benefit: Customizable to the Core

Shipping containers may all be the same shape, but they come in all shapes and sizes when you rent them as office space. A shipping container office rental company can help you find any type of shipping container office you need. 

Windows, doors, interior walls, insulation and more features can easily be added to your shipping container office at your convenience.


Advantage #6) Need More Offices? Get More Shipping Containers

What if you signed a commercial lease for office space, moved in and found that your employees were packed in like sardines? 

That would be an enormous, expensive problem to solve. 

Now, what if you rented four shipping containers to use as offices and hired a fifth employee? 

It’s simple — you would rent another shipping container office. 

For new and/or growing businesses, one of the best shipping container office benefits is the ability to increase and reduce the amount of office space on demand.


Advantage #7) Like Your Rented Shipping Container Office? You Can Buy It

If you rent a container office and find that the shipping container office advantages stack up nicely for your business, you can make the arrangement a little more permanent. Many shipping container rental companies offer shipping container offices for sale, too. 


Advantage #8) From Container Office to Storage Space

Say you have rented 20 shipping containers to use as offices and your business suddenly needs to downsize a bit. In a traditional office, empty offices would simply gather dust. But in a shipping container office, you can either return a rented unit, or convert unused units into something that closely resembles their original purpose: storage units

That way, your business still uses this asset and you have the container on hand for when you need more office space in the future.


Advantage #9) Shipping Container Offices Last a Long Time

Shipping containers are fairly simple structures. The modern day shipping container is essentially the same as it has always been: boxes made of steel. This simplicity gives them an advantage over some traditional offices. 

Traditional offices, made of wood, brick and glass, require constant upkeep and maintenance. 

Shipping containers, on the other hand, can easily last for more than 12 years and require just a bit of semi-regular cleaning without having any problems. 

This is yet another way a shipping container office benefits your bottom line.


Helping You Enjoy the Advantages of Shipping Container Offices

Considering a shipping container office? 

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